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Xatax - MS-DOS

Xatax2.txt Xatax Xatax is a space shooter, rightly associated with such classics as the hit Super Cobra released in the early 1980s. The player will play the role of a good fighter pilot called X72, who was sent on a suicide mission with the task of destroying a mysterious, title object that threatens peace in the galaxy. An armada of space ships and creatures will stand in his way, and it is advisable to annihilate them as well. The fight with Xatax is divided into three episodes, and these in turn into individual levels. After getting to the new stage, we receive a special code that allows us to start the game from the moment we last ended the struggle. In addition to maneuvering between a hail of bullets spewed from foreign ships and stationary defenses, we also have to be careful with the terrain. Any contact with the structures created by Xatax results in immediate death. Initially, avoiding buildings is not that hard. Only in the later phase of the game, you have to maneuver more carefully in complex labyrinths and pray at the same time not to get a stray missile. As in any game of this type, some crashed ships will drop bonuses. They can provide us with temporary cover, increase the firepower of a weapon or provide a faster shot. The graphics on the knees do not knock you down, but it is also not tragic. The biggest complaint concerns not very detailed boards, which are monotonous and get boring quickly. The sound design is also average and it is hard to be delighted. Generally, Xatax is a solid portion of shooting for several hours, which should appeal to all fans of saving our planet from an alien yoke.